Journal of the ACMS


Journal of the ACMS, 2007 Issue

Forming a Christian View of Computer Technology
(Formando una Visión Cristiana de la Tecnología Informática)

Derek C. Schuurman, Redeemer University College

Abstract: Computer technology continues to change and influence our culture in many different ways. This paper poses some of the many questions that arise relating to faith and computer technology and explores how faith informs our view of computer technology. The Biblical themes of creation, fall, redemption, and shalom provide a framework for forming a Christian view of computer technology. First, computer technology is recognized as part of the latent potential that God placed in creation. In the creation story we also learn of our calling to discover and develop the creation, which includes computer technology. We also learn that we are created in the image of God which has implications for what it means to be human and in areas such as the study of artificial intelligence. As a consequence of the fall, we recognize that there are distortions in the use and place of technology. We must also be on guard against faith in technology, recognizing that technology is not the saviour of the human condition. Christians recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all creation and the need to shape technology in ways that answer God's call to look after the earth and to show love to our neighbours. We recognize that technology cannot solve humanity's problems, but we look forward to the return of Jesus who will establish the new creation, when things that were misdirected, including technology, will also be redeemed. Until then, Christians ought to use and develop computer technology in ways that contribute to shalom.

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